Paris' 11th arrondissement is one of the French capital's liveliest and most diverse neighborhoods. Known for its bohemian ambience, lively cafés and streets lined with artisanal boutiques, this area offers a unique and friendly atmosphere for those wishing to live here and discover its authentic charm. The 11th is also famous for its many green spaces and cultural venues, making it an ideal setting for a dynamic city life. However, renovating or fitting out an apartment in this district can be a real challenge.

Do you own an apartment in the 11th arrondissement and plan to renovate it with a bohemian, eclectic touch? Call on My Parisian Interior, your interior designer, for a unique and creative project.

Why hire an interior designer in Paris's 11th arrondissement?

Whether you want a bohemian, eclectic or contemporary ambience, a decorator will transform your ideas into a unique design that reflects your personality and blends harmoniously with the spirit of the 11th arrondissement or the architecture of your building. 

Access to exclusive resources:

Interior designers often have networks of suppliers, craftsmen and designers at their disposal, giving you access to high-quality and sometimes unique materials, furniture and decorative objects.

Complete project management:

Entrusting your project to a professional frees you from the constraints of coordinating different craftsmen and suppliers. The interior designer takes charge of the entire process, from conception to completion, while ensuring that your budget and deadlines are respected.

Real estate development:

A well-thought-out renovation of your typical Parisian property by a decorator and interior designer can considerably increase the value of your property, a considerable asset in a competitive Parisian market.

My Parisian Interior, your partner for successful decorating in the 11ᵉ

With My Parisian Interior, you'll benefit from tailor-made support at every stage of your interior design project in Paris: from conception to completion. We'll guide you in your choice of materials, draw up a realistic budget and coordinate the work of the craftsmen needed to renovate your apartment.

In short, hiring an interior designer in the 11th arrondissement of Paris will enable you to enhance your home while respecting its unique character and meeting your specific needs. My Parisian Interior offers you a personalized service to bring your renovation project to fruition, in harmony with the unique atmosphere of this sought-after area of the capital.


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