Paris's 12th arrondissement is a booming district. With its green spaces, the Bastille opera house, the Promenade Plantée and the Bois de Vincennes, it offers its residents an incomparable quality of life. To take full advantage of this quality of life, there's nothing better than to renovate and optimize your apartment with the help of an interior designer in Paris and a specialized company like My Parisian Interior.

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Call on an interior designer to optimize the space in your 12th arrondissement apartment

Parisian homes are often characterized by their lack of space. To make the most of this, it's essential to rethink the layout. That's where an interior designer comes in, with customized solutions to optimize every corner of your apartment.

Surface optimization and light circulation

An interior designer will know how to maximize surface areas to meet your specific needs. The layout of rooms, the choice of furniture and the use of load-bearing partitions will optimize space while preserving the charm of your Parisian home.

In addition, careful study of natural light sources and adjustment of the layout of certain rooms, such as the living room or kitchen, will greatly improve the amount of sunlight in your home.

Space-saving custom solutions

Whether you have an apartment with a large surface area, or a small, typically Parisian studio, an interior designer will be able to meticulously study the possibilities open to you to optimize each available space. He or she will offer invaluable advice and ingenious ideas for redesigning your home to make the most of the space available: built-in storage, installation of a mezzanine, creation of a dressing area... The options available to you are numerous!

Optimize available space and maximize brightness

In sometimes tight spaces, it's essential to know how to optimize the layout to create a feeling of space and comfort. The interior designer will be able to suggest solutions to optimize functionality and increase light in your apartment.

Why choose My Parisian Interior to renovate your apartment in the 12th arrondissement?

With My Parisian Interior, you benefit froma single point of contact, which facilitates communication. The team takes care of all the administrative formalities with the co-ownership, as well as all the technical aspects such as bringing electrical installations up to standard and making them safe, not forgetting plumbing, heating and kitchen credenzas.

What's more, My Parisian Interior has a team of qualified professionals who can advise you on the latest interior design trends.

Guarantees for quality work and peace of mind
To ensure optimal results, My Parisian Interior works with quality materials and is committed to completing the work on time. You'll also benefit from legal guarantees such as the ten-year warranty and the biennial warranty to protect your investment.

Entrusting the renovation of your apartment in the 12th arrondissement to a company like My Parisian Interior is a wise decision for many reasons. Firstly, the company offers turnkey solutions for a controlled budget. Services include project study, selection and follow-up of craftsmen, and coordination of the work.

What's more, My Parisian Interior hasextensive expertise in special areas such as the creation of terraces, verandas or wrap-around balconies, or the illumination of atypical volumes using innovative lighting techniques.

Last but not least, renovating your apartment with the help of My Parisian Interior considerably increases its value on the Parisian market. In fact, a well-appointed and optimized home, combining comfort and quality of life, will be highly appreciated by potential future buyers.


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