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Interior decorator in Paris

Our creative souls, coupled with a rare expertise in the art of decorative marble work, enable us to bring to life bespoke spaces of unparalleled refinement that tell a story: yours!

With Juliette Laurens, architect and interior designer in Paris, the ordinary is transformed into the unique, each project becoming an ode to elegance and sophistication.

My Parisian Interior offers a range of services:

Interior designer in Paris
Project management assistant, Paris
Marble mason, Paris
Works supervision, Paris

Juliette Laurens, for interiors that make sense!

Whether you're looking for a style that's modern in its simplicity, minimalistic in its purity, classic and timeless, an industrial ambiance with a feeling of unfinished brutality, or a bohemian atmosphere with an eclectic "return from a trip" expression, and many more...

I work with you to create tailor-made, creative and coherent interiors that reflect your desires and your vision.

Interior design Paris

Our history

The art of marble work for over a century

My Parisian Interior offers you a true artistic adventure that translates into a tireless quest for new creations.

Through our achievements and your interior design projects in Paris, our team illustrates a unique mastery of space design, ensuring that each architectural environment tells a story, creating an ambiance that's uniquely yours, designed to your image.

We provide a comprehensive response to your vision through professional interior design and decorating services. We are entirely focused on your project, whatever it may be, and in particular on :

  • Partial or complete renovations and decorations, with a speciality for kitchen, dressing room and bathroom spaces, integrating different materials such as waxed concrete, marble, natural stone and wood species.... Our choice of materials, coverings, lighting fixtures and objets d'art lend warmth to the decor, making it both contemporary and elegant, capable of responding to a wide range of decorating projects in search of a strong identity.
  • The integration of artisanal elements such as stone, marble, waxed concrete, ceramics and wood, testifying to our love of noble materials and tradition. Our speciality: to sublimate your projects by subtly integrating the decorative marble work that is our primary specialty, for a chic, Parisian ambience, far removed from the bling bling often evoked.
  • Sourcing, selection and supply of furnishings and decorative items

It's all about staging each element in a harmonious, functional way. We tell a story, the story of the occupants of a space. In our view, interior design must always reach the pinnacle of excellence, and always reflect our customers' vision.

  • The design and supply of objects and furnishings: sculptures, made-to-measure furniture or any other household equipment, embodying our love of fine craftsmanship. More than a decorating expert, we're at your side as interior designer and decorator-scenographer, paying meticulous attention to every detail and considering every technical constraint to make every living space a work of art that reflects your personality.
  • An e-shop that reflects the extent of our passion for the beauty and refinement of space. As an experienced interior designer, Juliette Laurens collaborates with craftsmen to unearth the deco pieces that will enable you to furnish, renovate and rethink your spaces with taste and expertise. Attentive to the needs of private individuals and professionals alike, we invite you to discover a selection of furniture, lighting anddecorative objects where color choice, artistic sensibility and exclusivity come together in perfect harmony. Whether you're planning a simple makeover or an in-depth renovation, you'll find a wide range of decorative items to suit all budgets.

Carefully selected visuals will immerse you in a unique interior design universe: top-of-the-range sofas, comfortable armchairs, decorative sculptures, monumental pieces, inspiring paintings, refined mirrors and designer lighting... Every element is designed to transform your space into a place where well-being and aesthetics meet, a holistic vision of a certain art of living!

And because every project is unique, we offer solutions for different budgets. Whether you're looking to refurbish your living space, carry out a comprehensive interior design and architecture project, are looking for the centerpiece that will define your space, or simply a few finishing touches, every piece of furniture and every piece of decoration is carefully chosen to reflect the excellence and refinement that are hallmarks of our approach.

As an interior designer and architect in Paris, Juliette Laurens transforms your spaces into living jewels. From decorating advice during a visit to the completion of the work, we work to imagine an interior journey that reflects your personality.

Our interior design and architecture services turn every stage of your project into a unique, personalized experience.

Initial approach with the customer

From the very first contact with our Paris interior design agency, we listen carefully to your needs. This is when, in our capacity as interior stylists, we define your aesthetic and functional expectations.

Through targeted questioning, we make sure to identify your tastes, your needs, and the interior design trends that speak to you.

Understanding needs and aspirations

Armed with the information gathered, the Juliette Laurens team begins to project an architectural vision, translating it into sketches and designs. Thepreliminary project is a creative mix of ideas, where the décor elements harmonize with your aspirations. It's here that the first ideas for wallpapers, floor and wall coverings, tapestries, decorative ornaments and fittings come to life.

Development of models and visuals

Once the preliminary project has been validated, the process becomes more concrete. Sketches evolve into detailed models, highlighting the nuances of the wall decoration, the materials chosen, and the way each element interacts to create a harmonious space. Thanks to Juliette Laurens' expertise, art and design intertwine to personalize your interior.

Implementation support

This is an essential stage in the decorating process. We ensure that every decorative element, every covering and every ornament is perfectly positioned. From the selection of fine tapestries to the placement of decorative objects, our agency guarantees impeccable execution, reconciling aesthetics and functionality, right down to the final touch.


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