My Parisian Interior revolutionizes interior renovation in Paris.

Specializing in the renovation of houses, apartments, luxury lofts and private mansions, from small cosy studios to large Haussmann-style apartments, our interior design agency offers you tailor-madeinterior design solutions.

Our decorator, Juliette Laurens, is a team ofinterior designers and decorators who work closely together on each renovation project to transform spaces into true works of art, while respecting the elegance and charm of Parisian architecture as much as the personality of our customers.

For us, every renovation project is an opportunity to tell a unique story - your own, or the one you want to tell your guests.

The artistic vision that characterizes us focuses on the harmony between the architectural past and modern comfort, striving to create spaces that reflect the personality of our customers and our deep respect for Parisian heritage.

The emphasis is on bespoke designs where decoration and furniture creation intermingle with architecture to create interiors that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What renovation services are available in Paris?

My Parisian Interior offers a complete range of renovation services to meet the needs of individuals and professionals wishing to renovate their interiors in Paris and the Paris region.

Our services range from the complete or partial renovation of apartments with particular attention to detail, from the extension of living spaces to the sophisticated layout of residences, and for all renovation projects requiring a unique approach to design and luxury.

Our team of professionals takes on complete furnishing projects, from flooring to wall cladding, including the selection and creation of contemporary contemporary designer furniture.

Decorative refreshment is all about changing moods, transforming living space through a scenography that reflects good living but also, and above all, who you are. My Parisian Interior and its experienced craftsmen provide all-round renovation services, guaranteeing you inspired and inspiring spaces.

The creative process at My Parisian Interior

It all starts with a meeting and discussions that give us an in-depth understanding of your aspirations and the nature of your interior design, renovation and decorating project in Paris.

Every step is meticulously planned, from the first sketches to the final realization. Our team works closely with you to develop concepts that turn your ideas into reality.
The process includes the meticulous selection of materials, the design of detailed plans, project management assistance, coordination with experienced craftsmen, the coordination with experienced craftsmen to the selection of furniture, sculptures and decorative objects to enhance your space.
The result is a unique living space that reflects your personal tastes and is optimized for comfort and functionality.

My Parisian Interior strives to use only the highest quality materials, a philosophy that is reflected in our specialization and expertise in decorative marble work.

Depending on your budget and preferences, we imagine, design and manufacture objects, sculptures and furniture in marble. marble objects, sculptures and furniture.

Marble finishes that are meticulously created or chosen for their aesthetics and durability, and to harmoniously complement the furnishing textiles and decorative objects that take center stage in your interior.

We also use advanced techniques for your painting jobs, and the installation or refurbishment of luxury coverings such as old parquet floors, ensuring exceptional quality in every project. This combination of premium materials and expert techniques guarantees the longevity and beauty of the living spaces we renovate.

Our various projects demonstrate our expertise in interior renovation in Paris.
Among our outstanding projects: the renovation of a kitchen in a contemporary, functional and aesthetically pleasing style, or the renovation of a bathroom where the use of quality materials and exceptional marble created a luxurious relaxation space.

Each Paris apartment renovation project highlights the ability of our interior decorator and craftsmen to transform spaces, through creations that combine beauty, practicality and a certain vision of contemporary design.

To carry out your interior design, layout and/or renovation work in Paris, call on My Parisian Interior. You're guaranteed to create elegant, personalized spaces with a cachet that reflects an inspiring art of living.


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