Juliette Laurens, our architecture and interior design agency, offers a full range of interior design services, testifying to our recognized expertise in the sector.

Our expertise is reflected in our constant vigilance over the progress of our projects, ensuring that they comply with all aesthetic, technical and budgetary requirements.

Throughout the process, our experienced team ensures smooth communication between the various parties involved in your project, including craftsmen, suppliers and all other service providers. 

From initial conception to final delivery, our rigorous monitoring enables us to anticipate and mitigate the hazards inherent in any project, whether large-scale or more minimalist. By constantly monitoring the quality of our creations, we strive to reconcile the elegance ofarchitecture with the finesse of decoration

Our meticulous approach aims to offer our customers a unique, harmonious space that reflects their personality, while scrupulously respecting time and financial constraints. 

Our interior design professionals, with their many years of experience and undeniable trade expertise, are constantly vigilant at every stage of every project, ensuring rigorous monitoring of the work to guarantee perfect compliance with our customers' aesthetic, technical and budgetary requirements.

My Parisian Interior, your interior decorator in Paris, offers a range of services:

Construction supervision, also known as site supervision, is a professional service that ensures the supervision and coordination of all fitting-out, structural and finishing work involved in a construction or renovation project.

This includes everything from installing partitions and painting to setting up furniture, installing light fittings, furnishing and decorating, as well as finishing touches.

Construction supervision requires the involvement of various trades, each with its own specific expertise. The project manager is responsible for coordination and technical supervision, to ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with plans, standards and deadlines.

The service provider chosen to monitor the work acts as a link between the customer, the contractors and the craftsmen, ensuring that every stage of the project runs smoothly.

The Juliette Laurens agency goes even further than this definition, reinventing the way we support and monitor your architectural, decoration and interior design projects, whether for new construction, renovation or refurbishment.

Juliette Laurens' construction supervision service, because excellence is in the detail!

At the heart of our organizational strategy, our experienced team, led by a dedicated project manager, attaches particular importance to smooth communication and task coordination between all project participants.

Indeed, craftsmen, companies, suppliers and all service providers, each an expert in their own trade, actively contribute to the realization of your project, becoming essential stakeholders in its perfect completion.

When you entrust the supervision of your project to our Juliette Laurens agency, you benefit from a wide range of services and 360-degree project management, including :

Works supervision in Paris

Our team of professionals supervises and monitors the work of all the different trades, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and in sync.

Works supervision in Paris

By adhering to a precise work schedule, we ensure that each phase of the project is completed on time, avoiding any delays that could jeopardize overall progress.

Works supervision in Paris

We carry out regular checks to ensure that the work complies with the original plans and established quality standards.

In the event of problems or unforeseen circumstances on site, we intervene quickly with service providers and contractors to find appropriate solutions without compromising the progress of the project.

Through our meticulous follow-up of the work, we offer you peace of mind, knowing that your project is being managed by attentive and dedicated experts.

Whether it's an ambitious architectural renovation project or the meticulous refurbishment of a Haussmann-style apartment, our methodical and rigorous approach to works supervision enables us to anticipate potential hazards and manage unavoidable technical constraints.

Thanks to constant quality control, we succeed in marrying the elegance of architecture with the finesse of interior design, to offer you a space that transcends the ordinary.

We adopt a meticulous, customer-centric approach, with the aim of creating a unique, harmonious space that reflects the customer's personality and vision, while scrupulously respecting time and budget constraints.

Our project managers, with their specific skills and knowledge of the various trades, ensure that these parameters are taken into account right from the design stage, in close collaboration with our customers, both private and professional.

At Juliette Laurens, our commitment to quality and excellence is paramount. Whether for professional premises, a sphere that requires a deep understanding of commercial architecture, or for residential spaces, we strive to deliver impeccable finishes, which are the hallmarks of any successful architectural and interior design project.

From start to finish, from interior design to delivery and acceptance of work, every stage of the project benefits from our rigorous and systematic construction supervision. This enables our customers to keep abreast ofproject progress, successes and challenges.

Our team's commitment doesn't stop when the job is finished. We remain at our customers' disposal for any questions or concerns, even after the work has been completed. This customer-focused approach, combined with our technical and creative expertise, makes our agency the ideal choice for interior design projects.

When you chooseJuliette Laurens for your project, you can be sure of peace of mind and satisfaction every step of the way. Our expertise, dedication and passion for what we do are the pillars that underpin every project we undertake.

By entrusting us with the management of your project, you can concentrate on what's important: enjoying your new space.


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