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In keeping with our tradition of excellence, our interior design and decoration agency is committed to combining creativity and professional rigor, backed by our specialization in the art of decorative marble work. We put all our expertise and experience at your disposal to shape your living space, infuse it with a distinct soul and reinvent the places you entrust to us, in keeping with overall harmony and a true art of living.

Our customers, both private and professional, turn to us to benefit from our expert eye for imagining and designing bespoke interiors that are the true expression of your vision. This expertise also extends to more specific projects, requiring an in-depth understanding of the workings of ornamental rocks, marbles and minerals.

We offer you personalized support, from the initial interior design to the complete realization of your renovation and decoration projects. Our aim is to create a living space that reflects your image. Whether it's advice, apartment and terrace design, decoration, space optimization, project management or construction supervision, our services will support you at every stage of your project.

As decorator-scenographers, architects and interior designers, our approach is to design living spaces without distorting them, respecting their intrinsic history and style. Each project is a new story to tell, and we're the authors ready to bring your vision of comfort and aesthetics to life.

We specialize inspace planning, decoration, interior design, decorative arts and overall site coordination, creating a symphony of shapes and colors that transforms your space into a work of art in its own right.

My Parisian Interior, your interior decorator in Paris, offers a range of services:

About Juliette Laurens

Juliette Laurens began her career by taking charge of a design office and central purchasing unit for a group of leading Parisian marble masons, as well as providing specialist marble consulting services.

His devotion to theart of decoration and his undisputed mastery of marble work have intensified over time, not least thanks to the overriding influence of his family, who have been active in marble construction for many generations.

Naturally, Juliette Laurens' prolific experience in the real estate andinterior design sector, combined with her two decades of dedicated service to marble, ornamental rock and minerals, makes her the ideal option for anyone seeking service of rare value and character.

The company's unique approach to space design aesthetics, harmonious architectural scenography and holistic approach to decorating projects is a true promise of quality.

Our history

The story of our agency began over a century ago, when two brothers' passion for the beauty and texture of marble led them to found a company that would transcend generations.

It was the dawn of our journey into theart of marble work, from stone cutting and shaping to the subtle blend of tradition and innovation we bring to your architectural and interior design projects today.

Lecreux frères decoration history

Since then, our family has cultivated and preserved this heritage. We have honored their values of tradition and sustainability, passing on this precious know-how to each generation while enriching it with new skills and know-how.

Over the decades, we've built a respected reputation in the world of stone architecture, with each member of the family, generation after generation, bringing their unique skills and devotion to this ancient art.

Today, as we write the fifth chapter of our family history, we continue to nurture our love of marble, stone and beauty in general, while constantly innovating.

We are both guardians of tradition and pioneers of innovation. We shape every project you entrust to us with the same passion that drove our ancestors, while incorporating bold new ideas in interior design.

Each project reflects our commitment to honoring our past while looking to the future. We take the time to carefully select each material, each piece of marble, each architectural element, bringing out its natural beauty and shaping it to match your vision.

Our aim is to transform your spaces by perpetuating tradition while introducing innovative concepts, and to create places for living and expression that celebrate both your personality and our craftsmanship.

As custodians of this family heritage, every space we create and decorate is a tribute to the memory of our founders. But more than that, it's a testament to our dedication tointerior architecture, decoration and theart of marble work, a craft that, for us, is much more than a profession: it's our life, our passion, our heritage.

Today,Juliette Laurens is more than just a decorating and interior design company. We are a family united by dedication to our craft, living proof that tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously. We remain the storytellers of a history, engraved in stone, that has spanned five generations.

And as we look to the future, we remain firmly rooted in our past. We continue to learn, to grow, to innovate, all the while remaining true to the legacy we received from our two founders and the generations that followed them.

For us, every project, every realization, every shaped piece, is a chapter in our history, a testimony to our passion for this art, a part of our soul that we share with our customers to give meaning to their vision.


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