My Parisian Interioris much more than a decoration and interior design agency in Paris.My Parisian Interioris also exceptional expertise as a marble decorator.

Our specialization in marble enables us to offer you numerous opportunities to furnish your interiors with designer furniture and decorative objects, transforming this noble material into contemporary, elegant pieces of furniture.

My Parisian Interior 's philosophy is to use exceptional craftsmanship to create high-end marble furniture. We reinvent contemporary furniture by integrating marble into pieces such as tables, consoles, basins, bathtubs, sculptures and worktops, among many other possibilities.

Each creation reflects our unique approach to deco, rooted in a rich heritage through generations of marble decorators. We personalize interiors by designing marble objects that are decorative or functional, that are luxury furnishings and true works of art, and that illustrate our commitment to excellence and innovation in furnishing.

The creative process of My Parisian Interior' s marble craftsmen and decorators is characterized by the combination of exceptional craftsmanship and the expression of our customers' desired personality for the piece of furniture or marble sculpture.

Every piece of designer furniture, from coffee tables and designer lounge furniture to dining tables and decorative objects, is carefully crafted to reflect contemporary design.
Depending on the style and use of the furniture ordered, we select types of marble that allow for varied and unique finishes. Decorative objects and furniture made by our craftsmen are carved from a single block of marble. The result is a piece that is both robust and elegant, but also unique in its veining and shades of color.

Specializing in exceptional marble furniture, My Parisian Interior is able to create contemporary furniture with clean lines or more geometric shapes, always keeping in mind the perfect harmony between our customer's vision and the harmony with their interior decoration.

This process focuses onhigh-end furnishings and highlights our expertise in the manufacture of luxury marble furniture. The result is creations that are not just modern furniture, but timeless works of art that reflect the taste, personality and sophistication of our clients.


Marble from around the world for an exceptional furniture collection

My Parisian Interior excels in the use of various types of marble, selected for their quality and beauty, as well as for the response they bring to yourinterior design projects.

These marbles come from different regions of the globe, offer a variety of colors and veins and enable the creation of unique designer furniture. Carrara marble, Calacatta marble, Patagonia granite marble or Portor marble... Each rock is chosen for its unique characteristics, allowing us to create bespoke, personalized furniture.

The marble-making techniques employed in our artisan workshops are both traditional and innovative, combining tried-and-tested methods with modern technologies to shape and polish marble.
This craftsmanship translates into bespoke furniture, where every piece, from living-room furniture to designer marble desks, reflects finesse and precision.

Striking projects for your interiors

My Parisian Interior' s creations range from marble coffee tables and TV stands to dresser credenzas and any other vision you'd like to bring to life, each one a testament to our agency's expertise.

These pieces illustrate our ability to create uniquely styled furniture to suit a variety of moods. Furnishing yourself with a marble reception desk, a bespoke bar in natural stone, a dining room table or a living room set in marble proves that there are no limits to our creativity other than those imposed by your decorative aspirations.

Why choose marble for contemporary designer furniture?

Marble is a preferred choice for interior design and contemporary furniture construction. Its durability, coupled with its natural beauty, makes it the material of choice for modern, precious furniture.

Marble brings a touch of elegance and luxury, while being extremely hard-wearing, making this natural stone full of nobility, ideal for high-use pieces like living room furniture or designer marble office tables as much as for giving a rich, prestigious look to your interiors.


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