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Assistance in choosing the right mineral for your project

In the world of interior design and decoration, marble occupies a special place, renowned for its timeless elegance and majestic charm. With 5 generations of expertise in marble working in Paris, we put our skills at your service.

Marble, in all its grandeur, has always been associated with nobility and exclusivity, revealing in every vein and hue the very nature of its high-end allure.

From the purest white to the deepest black, through shades of gray and beige and many more, each ornamental rock and each marbling typicity is a celebration of uniqueness and natural beauty.

However, no two minerals - marble, granite or natural stone- are alike, each with properties and structural characteristics that may not be suited to your project, highlighting our expertise in choosing the ideal material for your custom project.

Choose marble and let us take care of your project from design to completion

Our process of conception, realization and bespoke design is not limited to the creation of individual pieces in marble. It also encompasses the creation of integrated spaces, where the various elements interact harmoniously with each other and with the space as a whole. This may involve coordinating marble pieces with furniture, fabrics, lighting, artwork and other decorative details.

Each piece of marble- a staircase, a fireplace, a table, a credenza, a marble bathroom basin or even an art sculpture - in its uniqueness, contributes to the whole, while retaining its own personality.

The design and creation of bespoke marble pieces and furniture is a true passion, a quest for excellence and a commitment to our customers to transform their space into a unique and luxurious place to live.

Everyinterior design project we take on in Paris and France always begins with a careful study of the space, striving to understand our customers' aspirations and translate your vision into tangible reality. Taking into account the existinginterior architecture, the character of your decor, your style and current trends, we propose unique concepts that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Our bespoke design process aims to create exceptional marble and mineral pieces that perfectly reflect the soul of the place and its occupants. We meticulously select the finest marble blocks from among the most exclusive, including Carrara marble, calacatta and Portor marble among the best-known, as well as Patagonia granite for a design like the worktop of chef Cyril Lignac, ensuring that each vein, texture and color harmonizes with the overall desired ambience.

The transformation of the marble is then entrusted to the expert hands and know-how of our highly skilled craftsmen and workshops, who, thanks to their technical skills and acute sense of detail, handle this noble material with exemplary precision and delicacy. Every cut and finish - polished, flamed, brushed or honed - is carried out with impeccable mastery, making each piece a true work of art.

The result is a bespoke piece of marble with a unique design and optimal veining that blends harmoniously into the space, enhancing its allure while adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. Whether for a coffee table, pedestal, worktop, marble paving, marble bathroom, wall cladding or marble fireplace, each piece of marble decoration becomes the focal point of the room, captivating the eye and arousing admiration.

Throughout the process of creating your bespoke marble piece, we take care to maintain close communication with our customers, providing regular updates and ensuring that every detail meets their expectations. Our commitment to your satisfaction and our dedication to craftsmanship excellence are palpable in every project we undertake.

Decorative marble with veining: unique natural minerals for exceptional pieces!

Our expertise in decorative marble work in Paris is expressed through the selection and use of veined marble slabs for open-book creations, giving life to kitchens and bathrooms of exceptional, made-to-measure design.

Our craftsmen, decorators, interior architects and designers see every project you entrust to us as an opportunity to create a visual and tactile symphony, where each note plays its part in creating a harmonious melody with marble stone as conductor.

By combining our expertise in interior design with our mastery of handcrafted marble, we are able to create pieces that not only respect the architecture and decoration of your space, but also add inestimable value.

Once your bespoke marble piece has been designed and installed, it continues to interact with its surroundings, evolving with natural and artificial light, offering constantly changing visual perspectives. Marble, with its unique character and rich hues, whatever the style of thelayout, the character of your interior design or the nature of the piece created, offers a living tableau, a changing landscape according to the time of day or night, and a different emotion with every glance.

The appreciation of marble and marble working transcend eras and cultures, lending a sense of heritage and prestige to any space. A block of marble is more than a material; it's a sensory experience that invites touch and contemplation, offering a panorama of emotions to the occupants of the space.

Juliette Laurens is also skilled in working with large-format ceramic slabs for a perfect imitation of top-quality marble, always for customized creations that express your vision, with strict veining tracking for a fluid, elegant design.

Marble expertise in Paris goes far beyond creation

Our agency also stands out for its recognized expertise in the delicate art of restoring marble floors andmarble objects of high sentimental value. Backed by a tradition of excellence, our family-run business is renowned for its exceptional know-how in the use of crystallization, which gives a second life to worn or damaged marble floors .

This unique process restores marble to its original brilliance and strengthens its resistance. Every natural stone and every floor regains its original brilliance.

What's more, the Juliette Laurens agency and its team treat every marble object as a precious relic, understanding the sentimental importance these objects can carry. A broken or cracked marble, a damaged marble object or a staircase suffering from the ravages of time, we dedicate ourselves to the meticulous and respectful restoration of these pieces, allowing them to regain their former splendor and continue to write their history.

Choosing LFDéco means opting for rare, authentic expertise, choosing a company that respects and understands the importance of every detail, that recognizes the value of every piece of marble. Whether it's a majestic floor or a cherished object, our knowledge and mastery of the unique mineral that is marble will guarantee you a restoration of exceptional quality.

How can you enhance your interiors with the unique cachet of a piece of marble?

For Juliette Laurens, your interior designer, decorator and marble specialist in Paris, true luxury lies not only in the choice of materials used, but also in the way they are used and combined to create and decorate a space that exudes elegance and refinement. Luxury is attention to detail, the harmony of form and color, the balance between beauty and function.

Therein lies our mission: to transform the raw potential of marble into a jewel that elevates a space to a new level of elegance. We strive to create bespoke marble pieces that are not only beautiful to look at, but also enjoyable to live in. Opt for excellence by entrusting your decorating project to the Juliette Laurens agency and benefit from the best advice in choosing ornamental rocks and marble in Paris.

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