Paris's 19th arrondissement is a dynamic and attractive district. Renowned for its green spaces, such as the Buttes-Chaumont and the Parc de la Villette, it attracts many residents, seduced by its pleasant living environment. Renovating and optimizing the layout of your apartment in this arrondissement requires specific skills, which an interior designer in Paris can provide. Calling on a specialist company like My Parisian Interior to carry out this work means you can benefit from the expertise of professionals to transform your home with taste and efficiency.

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When and why call on an interior designer in Paris's 19th arrondissement?

More than just a decorator, an interior designer takes charge of the layout and optimization of the spaces in your home, adapting them to your needs and desires. In a sought-after district like the 19th arrondissement, there are several advantages to using the services of such a professional:

Adapting your apartment to local constraints

Since the 19th arrondissement offers a wide variety of architectural styles, it's essential to be familiar with its particularities in order to adapt the renovation and interior design. An experienced interior designer will be able to capitalize on the strengths of each type of building, giving them real added value.

Making the most of your space

Paris is renowned for its often cramped apartments, and it's not always easy to see how they can be optimized. An interior designer will find ingenious solutions to make the most of available space, creating a functional and pleasant place to live. This may involve removing partitions, creating custom-made storage units or cleverly arranging furniture.

Coping with technical and regulatory constraints

Renovating an apartment in Paris often requires taking into account various technical and regulatory constraints. An interior architect has the skills and experience required to master these. He'll also be able to guide you through all the administrative procedures involved in your project.

The advantages of hiring My Parisian Interior for your renovation in the 19th arrondissement

Entrusting your renovation project in Paris to a company like My Parisian Interior means you'll benefit from personalized support throughout the entire process. You won't have to deal with all the different trades, contracts and deadlines. Your interior designer will coordinate all the work to guarantee a result that lives up to your expectations.

Renovation professionals bring together a wide range of skills, combining technical know-how and artistic flair. By entrusting your project to My Parisian Interior, you benefit from their expertise in designing innovative, aesthetically pleasing layouts that comply with current standards.

Calling in a specialist company ensures that the work carried out will comply with the interior designer's specifications, which is essential for preserving the architectural features of Parisian buildings. What's more, it allows you to delegate the management of renovation-related imponderables, such as delivery delays or technical problems with suppliers.


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